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About the position

We are seeking a highly skilled AI and Data Scientist to create data products for our media analysis and intelligence services. You join a product-oriented cross-functional AI & data team.  As a member of our AI team, you will translate product and business requirements into impactful AI and data products, ensuring their effectiveness in a production environment. Together with MLOps and Data engineers, you productize statistical and machine learning models ranging from TF-IDF and in-house Transformer-based models (BERT, T5, etc.) to applying LLMs. Ideally, you bring a passion for owning data products in a high-bandwidth communication setup between all technical roles and product management.

Your profile

  •         Excellent knowledge of designing data and AI products and their evaluation.
  •          Good skills in Python
  •          Ability to write clean and understandable code
  •          Excellent knowledge of modern deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow or PyTorch
  •          Excellent knowledge of data manipulation and analysis tools like Pandas, NumPy, and SciKit
  •       Experience designing and querying scalable OLAP systems (e.g., Postgres, BigQuery, Elastic Search, Snowflake)
  •          Very good understanding of Math and Statistics
  •          Comfortable working with large volumes of data
  •          Background in Natural Language Processing
  •          Familiar with data visualization, dashboarding, and exploration tools (e.g., Looker Studio, Vega, Pandas/Seaborn, etc.)
  •          Confident in presenting results to business stakeholder

Nice to have

  •          Familiar with the Google Cloud Platform
  •          Experience with MlOps Tools like Weights and Biases, Vertex AI, or Sagemaker
  •          Experience handling typical data formats like Parquet
  •       Knowledge of data processing / ETL concepts, orchestration (e.g., Apache Beam, Dataflow, Kafka, Airflow, Pub/Sub), and data modeling with large-scale datasets
  •           Background in computational linguistics and/or linguistics
  •          Good Skills in Java
  •         Hands-on experience creating training datasets, instructing human annotators, and using weak supervision
  •         Hands-on experience with Large Language Models such as GPT or Llama
  •          Demonstrated ability to develop data products leveraging LLMs

What we offer

  • Exciting technical challenges and great opportunities to learn, grow and contribute 
  • A welcoming, friendly, supportive, and multicultural working environment
  • The chance to bring in your ideas and be creative in a team
  • A focus on building an excellent product by doing things the right way
  • Flexible working hours and help with relocation from abroad
  • Work in an expanding and future-oriented company with a global perspective
  • Decide your own remote working balance – 100% is possible 
  • Flexible vacation and working time policies
  • 40+ passionate engineers working on products they are proud of
  • Possibility for personal growth and development
  • Lots of responsibility and a real chance to make an impact – shape our future products and services for an international client base 

About us

Ubermetrics is a leading media and data intelligence platform, focused on research and development. It is part of the UNICEPTA Group, one of the global market leaders for media and marketing intelligence. The Ubermetrics platform processes over 50,000 content pieces per minute from over 460 million sources. It enables our dedicated monitoring and analytics teams within the UNICEPTA Group to leverage state-of-the-art data alerting, monitoring and analysis solutions for Communication and Marketing professionals from leading global companies and organizations. For these, UNICEPTA’s actionable insights are also a basis for strategic decisions in risk management, supply chain management or compliance.